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3 important information for linearrays speakers

 3 important information for linearrays speakers
What are linearrays speakers?

Linearrays speakers are part of a special series of speakers that when placed in a line most typically in a vertical way are covering the same frequency. A good way to place linearrays vertical speakers is in a variety of different vertical angles. That way it is possible to cover a larger area to create a near-line source of sound. It also provides an easier way for a more focused sound for the audience without wasting additional output energy on a ceiling or empty air above the audience.

Applications of Linearrays Speakers

These speakers can be used in live music or speech applications. Live music events that require front-of-house speakers to be heard throughout the venue are good candidates for linearrays. In these applications, the linearrays can be placed along the front edge of the stage, thereby minimizing their visual impact. In an auditorium where the front-of-house speakers must cover the main floor and balcony, linearrays can be placed along the front edge of the layout, covering the main floor and with a short vertical coverage direct to the balcony. For speech applications, linearrays are well suited for use in an audience-array system for a large meeting room or auditorium.

How to set up linearrays speaker?

As mentioned above, the key to a line array is that the speakers face slightly different vertical angles. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the height difference between adjacent speakers. As a rule of thumb, adjacent speakers should be about one-third of the total distance between them. For example, if the midpoint between two adjacent speakers is 25 feet, the adjacent speakers should be about 8 feet apart. A good way to set up linearrays speakers is to begin by establishing the center speaker. This speaker should be placed directly under the desired listening area, which is typically where the first row of seats is. Then, measure the distance from
the center speaker to the desired listening area on both sides. Next, determine the difference between the two measurements, and use that difference as the vertical angle for the adjacent speakers.

Additional information for linearrays speaker

To cover a large area, it is important to consider the dispersion angles of the chosen speakers. This is best done by creating a visualization or simulation with a computer program. When calculating the vertical dispersion angles of speakers, it can be helpful to remember that sound travels at about 1100 feet per second and travels slightly faster in the air when the air temperature is warmer. Therefore, in the winter, sound reaches higher places than in the summer. Whichever visualization software is used, the user must know how to interpret the results. When the program shows a three-dimensional model of the venue and the speaker coverage patterns, it is good to remember that it is a two-dimensional representation. For example, the user might see that there is good coverage for the balcony on the left side of the room, but there is no coverage on the right side. This does not mean that there is no coverage at all on the right side, just that the coverage is weak.




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