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4 facts about linearrays speakers

 4 facts about linearrays speakers
What are linearrays speakers?
In a simple way, linearrays speakers are grouped together so they cover the same frequency when placed vertically. In order to maximize the impact of linearrays vertical speakers, it is a good idea to place them at different vertical angles. In that way, you can cover a larger area to provide near-line sound. Providing a more focused sound to the audience is also made easier because there is no wasted energy on ceilings or empty air above them.
Linearrays Speakers: Characteristics

Linearrays speakers are specially designed to be used in arrays in order to cover a larger area with consistent and even sound. The drivers are placed close together in order to constructively interfere with one another as compared to traditional horn-loaded loudspeakers which are widely dispersed in order to be more focused on the audience. Linearrays speakers have a higher output compared to horn-loaded systems. They are typically used in sports, concerts and arenas.
Linearrays speakers in concerts
Among the most famous bands using linearrays speakers are U2, Radiohead, and Coldplay. When a band uses these speakers, an advantage is that the audience has a much more constant and consistent sound experience, and the audience members are more evenly distributed. This is because a larger group of concert attendees may be sitting or standing farther away from the normal front-of-stage speakers. So the linearrays speakers would be effective in covering a greater depth of field while still delivering a consistent sound. Linearrays and wide dispersion systems are often used in stadiums. These larger systems are not just to fill the seats and the field but also to cover the back-of-house and where the crew works.
Linearrays vs normal speakers

The main difference between linearrays and normal speakers is that linearrays speakers are designed to be used in arrays. This means that rather than being placed in a single line, adjacent drivers are close enough to each other that they constructively interfere with each other in order to create a more evenly distributed sound output pattern. Linearrays speakers are therefore more efficient in covering a larger area with consistent and even sound because adjacent drivers are working together.

Summary of linearrays speakers

To summarise:
Lineaarays, in contrast to other types of speakers of the same category, exhibit a few special characteristics that put them forward compared to the rest of types of speakers of the same category. Let’s look at them once more:

  1. Their special design that when placed in arrays can produced an elevated and more consistent sound
  2. Opposed to traditional horn loaded speakers (that are widely dispersed lineaarays are the type of speakers that are supposed to be placed close together in order to interfere with each other
  3. Efficiency: Linearrays are way more efficient from other traditional speakers in covering a larger area with more even sound.



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