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Arena Inside VTB-Usedful

 Arena Inside VTB-Usedful

This state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex, complete with a high-end commercial district and five-star hotel, was created out of the ruins of the Dynamo Stadium, located just four blocks away from the Kremlin in Moscow's historical Petrovsky park. The project had a huge investment from the Russian government, who wanted to make the area more appealing to its 14 million residents. The indoor arena, one of the two sports complexes of the venue, hosts mixed martial arts, boxing, basketball, and entertainment events, with the goal of surpassing London's 02 Arena as the premier entertainment destination.

The arena in Moscow was the first of its kind in all of Europe, possessing a football and hockey stadium. Consequently, a sound system was necessary to create a phenomenal experience for both sports and entertainment events, with a focus on ice shows, which are extremely popular in Russia. The sound system had to cover the stands to give the audience an optimal experience, and also cover the ice field so that athletes and performers could hear the musical accompaniment, while not conflicting with any engineering systems, obstructing essential video angles, or hindering the spectator's view.

It quickly became apparent that was only the start of it. The renovation was filled with delays, including a worldwide financial crisis that resulted in a mid-project modification of the structure—causing the engineers, who had worked hard to create the sound system based on the original design, to start again from the beginning.

The engineers had their architectural plans in hand and utilized Soundvision to deduce that a mid-cluster atop the media cube would produce the preferred outcomes. Alexander Ananyev, the Sonoruss acoustic engineer, opted for L-Acoustics K2 line arrays. This comprised of 54 cabinets, situated in six hangs, surrounding the center scoreboard area to reach the audience in the bowl. ARCS Focus were allocated in six arrays of three around the grid to cover the bowl floor for sports occasions where this is necessary. To reach ideal results, Sonoruss fixed an acoustic lining to muffle any surfaces that could replay sound in an unintended manner. The K2 system provided a powerful, consistent sound coverage and its lighter weight was in accordance with the new design's load regulations. Additionally, the system was visually pleasing to visitors. Moreover, since K2 is designed to be a touring system, it was easy and rapid to install.

The K2 audio set-up has been creating a remarkable soundscape at the VTB Indoor Arena which also works in tandem with the architecture. The satisfied customer is reflected in the many positive reviews on social media. In December of 2018, the arena opened with a highly successful performance of "Swan Lake" starring Evgeni Plushenko which had sold out tickets.




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