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Experiencing the Dreamforce Gathering

 Experiencing the Dreamforce Gathering

At Dreamforce, Inc.'s annual conference in San Francisco, California, tech-savvy attendees were wowed by the realistic 3D landscape of trees, wildlife, and natural scenery that lined the walls from floor to ceiling. To complete this immersive experience, the event needed audio that could realistically match the sounds of birds flying overhead, rustling leaves, and rushing water. 

Josh Conway of BigBoyNoise, who is always on the forefront of technology, proposed L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound, a technology that places sound objects in a space with increased clarity. To make use of the technology's capabilities, audio was specifically recorded outdoors and incorporated into the event, along with creative lighting and staging. 

The L-ISA Controller and Processor, 12 arrays of Kara, four SB18 subs, 25 X15 HiQ coaxial loudspeakers, 25 LA8, and two LA12X amplified controllers powered the entire system. Attendees experienced a realistic nature atmosphere, with sound effects distributed in traffic areas and visual lighting "takeovers" that simulated dawn several times a day. The difference in sound quality was immediately noticeable, according to Mountain View Staging Audio Systems Manager Chris Kaletta, who said it went from "nature all around" to "there's a speaker, and there's a speaker."

The event was overflowing with technical components that resembled the natural world, with a 3D landscape of trees, animals, and picturesque woodland elements. The goal was to generate auditory effects that would accurately complement the National Park-like surroundings. To achieve this, they needed audio that would sound like the birds flying above, a furry creature rustling in the background, leaves blowing in the wind, the sound of a nearby creek, and the noises of birds communicating with one another.

Josh Conway, a tech-savvy individual from BigBoyNoise, was interested in creating an audio experience that was truly immersive. After exploring the L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, the design team was certain that this was the perfect solution for providing a special and engaging atmosphere. Utilizing L-ISA, sound objects in a space can be precisely placed, allowing for greater clarity and true localization of sound. With an imaginary nature environment at Dreamforce, L-ISA, along with creative lighting and staging, created an illusion that had guests feeling as if they were truly in the great outdoors.

In order to take full advantage of the creative potential of L-ISA, Conway and audio expert Dan Dugan specially recorded sound from the natural world. To complement the L-ISA Controller and Processor that allowed for object placement and spatialization, Dreamforce featured a frontal system of 12 arrays of six Kara speakers placed in front of the projection screen, with low-end frequency support from four SB18 subs positioned in a block configuration in the center of the exhibit space. In addition, 25 X15 HiQ coaxial loudspeakers distributed around the venue provided the overhead coverage necessary for a seamless delivery of nature's sound effects, with 25 LA8 and two LA12X amplifiers powering the whole system.

Chris Kaletta, Manager of Mountain View Staging Audio Systems, was the lead for the audio production of Dreamforce, and he shared his opinion on the effect of the system. He said that when they tested it with the L-ISA off, the distinction was very clear. With the L-ISA, the audio had a distinct location in the air space above the expo area, and the sounds were tailored to the venue layout, mirroring the noises from a forest on the LED walls. Additionally, the sound effects in the attendee traffic areas and the synchronized visual lighting "takeovers" that simulated dawn several times a day, all contributed to an immersive experience of nature for the people exploring the expo space.



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