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L-Acoustics delivers once again Unmatched Sound quality at the Hollywood Bowl

 L-Acoustics delivers once again Unmatched Sound quality at the Hollywood Bowl
The Hollywood Bowl, a natural amphitheater nestled in the southern base of the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, has been known for its high production values that cater to a diverse audience, ranging from classical music enthusiasts to tourists and rock music lovers. The venue's unique architecture, with seating configured into a giant curved teardrop, presents a challenging environment for a sound system, with a steep rake that slopes up nearly 100 feet from the stage. The longest throw for sound clocks in at over 600 feet, which requires a solution with the highest output to maintain adequate SPL to the back of the venue.

To address this challenge, the Hollywood Bowl engineering team conducted a blind loudspeaker system "shootout" among three leading potential candidates, with each manufacturer bringing their amplification and two 10-element arrays. After listening to each system, the unanimous choice was L-Acoustics K1, which offered the highest SPL per meter of any product on the market, delivering consistent, uncompromised full-bandwidth sound to every seat in the venue. The L-Acoustics K1 system delivers exceptional quality and consistency, even at 600+ feet from the stage, blending seamlessly with the natural acoustics of the amphitheater. The unmatched pattern control delivered by the long line length and ideal coupling of acoustic energy between enclosures helps minimize noise pollution to the surrounding environment and residential areas.

According to Michael Sheppard, Hollywood Bowl's head of AV,this system sounds absolutely stunning. The very first engineer who mixed an event here this season told me, 'You know what? I'll never be able to mix on another PA. That's it.' And all the comments we've heard since then have been just as flattering." With its exceptional performance and unmatched pattern control, the L-Acoustics K1 system has exceeded all rider specifications and supports program material for any genre, from classical to EDM, ensuring that every patron experiences extraordinary sound, look, and feel at this iconic venue.







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