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L-Acoustics provides a lavish experience

 L-Acoustics provides a lavish experience

At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Wet Republic Ultra Pool presents an unconventional day clubbing and poolside indulgence experience across a sprawling 6,000-square-foot space. The atmosphere exudes a Las Vegas-style vibe coupled with a white linen palette and vivid blues, providing a world-class experience with access to VIP options, exclusive eats, signature cocktails, bottle service, and private spaces favored by celebrities. In addition, a 1,200-square-foot LED wall looms above the DJ booth, and specialized visual performers are on staff to create a premium music experience usually found in high-end nightclubs.

The city where Wet Republic is located is full of dance clubs, so for this venue to be successful, it had to have a sound system that was tailored to a discerning and music-appreciative audience, as well as a group of well-known DJs who could get along with the monitor system. Additionally, the open-air nature of the location posed the challenge of sound leakage to the surrounding area. This made it necessary for the club to find a system that could satisfy all of their needs.


The team chose an L-Acoustics KARA main front-of-house system with KS28 subwoofers for the dance floor and an X Series system for the cabanas. To ensure that the neighbors had a peaceful day, the L-Acoustics team used Soundvision 3D acoustic simulation software to precisely map the venue and its surrounds. Utilizing its precise system optimization tools, they were able to position the system so that the sound from the dance floor stayed within the designated area and did not escape into the neighborhood.

The KARA flown arrays and KS28 subwoofers on the dance floor gave the audience an invigorating and captivating sound system that kept them on the dance floor for hours. The X Series system that was placed around the cabanas offered an exquisite sound to those VIPs or visitors who preferred to stay in the lively atmosphere.




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