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L-Acoustics’ success at Brooklyn Steel

 L-Acoustics’ success at Brooklyn Steel

The music industry has undergone significant transformations over the years, and one of the changes is the need for live music venues that cater to the diverse needs of the audience. One such venue is Brooklyn Steel, a 20,000 square-foot music venue in East Williamsburg, New York, which opened in Spring 2017. The venue is a product of the innovative and creative minds at The Bowery Presents (TBP), a New York City-based concert promoter.

The name, Brooklyn Steel, was inspired by the industrial vibe of the venue and the fact that it was originally a steel manufacturing plant. Much of the steel from the original building was repurposed for the venue, giving it a raw, edgy, and unique feel that sets it apart from other venues.

Designing a world-class live entertainment venue can pose quite a few challenges, and TBP had to overcome some hurdles to make Brooklyn Steel a reality. One of the challenges was managing varying audience sizes, which required a versatile sound system that could deliver highly predictable results. The management also had to comply with noise restrictions on the surrounding neighborhood and property line, which meant that they had to contain the audio with the volumes they needed inside and be compliant with New York City code on the outside. These challenges required a sound system that was not only reliable but also innovative and adaptable.

To address these challenges, TBP turned to L-Acoustics, a leading sound system provider known for its high-quality sound systems that deliver clarity, power, and precision. When construction began in 2016, the venue became outfitted with L-Acoustics K2 line arrays, delays, and stage monitors. To solve the issue of scaling the stage to the audience's size, a remote-controlled gantry crane retained from the former steel fabrication business enables flown arrays to be repositioned, along with a movable 50,000-pound steel and concrete stage.

The sound system's deployment was a combination of innovation, expertise, and technology. Utilizing L-Acoustics' prediction software, Soundvision, Scott Raved, a member of TBP's design and installation crew, was able to work out where the stage and gantry crane were going to be. The installed K2's variable horizontal Panflex, combined with the 22db of rear cancellation afforded by the K1SB flown upstage of the K2, and the KS28 ground-mounted subwoofers in cardioid contributed significantly toward the predictability and pinpoint accuracy of the sound system's deployment.

Another challenge was containing the low end, and the best solution for roof containment was a green roof. The green roof allowed the team to go higher than code to incorporate a sizable air gap. The mass of the green roof, coupled with the air gap, was sufficient to contain the low end. Windows along one wall facing nearby residences were replaced with concrete-filled blocks and more interior acoustic treatment to further contain the sound.

When Brooklyn Steel opened on April 6, 2017, it began with a five-night run of sold-out concerts by American rock band LCD Soundsystem. Afterward, they announced 30 shows that included talents such as The Decemberists, PJ Harvey, Chairlift, Goldfrapp, Whitney, Mitski, Tycho, Slowdive, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and others. The venue was put on the map as one of the best live club entertainment spaces, and in 2018, it was named one of the ten best live music venues in America by Rolling Stone Magazine, thanks to its solid sound from L-Acoustics.

In conclusion, Brooklyn Steel is a testament to the power of innovation, technology, and expertise in creating a world-class live entertainment venue. The use of L-Acoustics K2 line arrays, delays, and stage monitors, combined with a remote-controlled gantry crane and movable stage, delivered versatile and highly predictable results. The green roof and interior acoustic treatment contained the low end, while the K1SB and KS28 subwoofers contributed to the predictability and pinpoint accuracy of the sound system's deployment. Brooklyn Steel has become a symbol of excellence in the music industry and a must-visit venue for music lovers.






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