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New sound system at Kaufmann Concert Hall

 New sound system at Kaufmann Concert Hall

Kaufmann Concert Hall is a cultural beacon in New York's Upper East Side, having hosted a variety of events since its opening in 1930. With regular panel discussions featuring world leaders in various fields, cinema experiences, musical theater programs, rock and acoustic acts, and other special events, the venue has built a reputation for excellence in the arts.

However, the concert hall's 20-year-old sound system was no longer fit for purpose. The team at the venue recognized the need for a contemporary solution that would last another 20 years and provide versatility and dynamism to support the wide range of program material. The new system would have to deliver exceptional intelligibility for speech reinforcement, support the big sound of rock and acoustic acts without reconfiguration, and be well-controlled vertically and horizontally to avoid exciting the space's naturally reverberant acoustics. The team wanted a "future proof" and innovative system that would achieve all these objectives seamlessly.

After careful consideration, the L-ISA system was chosen as the ideal solution. It provided exceptional intelligibility while blending with the room's natural acoustics and delivering the required SPL and impact for rock acts. The main scene system comprised Kiva II with six enclosures per hang across the stage's width and four SB15m subwoofers. This frontal system provided localized, reinforced sound for the sources on stage, improved intelligibility, and created a cohesive blend of live and reinforced sound.

The system's immersive aspect was achieved with 20 X8 loudspeakers that allowed the Kaufmann staff to use the entire venue to place sounds for cinema or enhance the space using the L-ISA integrated Room Engine. The configuration was completed with 5XT under-balcony fills, six X4i ultra-compact coaxial frontfills on the stage's lip, and two Syva collinear loudspeakers as proscenium nearfills. FOH Engineer Anthony Lombard praised the L-ISA Controller's ease of use, stating that it integrated naturally into the workflow and created a fantastic sound quality.

The L-ISA system accomplished everything the Kaufmann Concert Hall team desired and provided exceptional performance for its comprehensive list of applications. With its innovative design and future-proof capabilities, the system is sure to serve the venue for another 20 years and beyond.



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