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The perfect sound for a New Swedish Church

 The perfect sound for a New Swedish Church

The Filadelfiakyrkan, a church belonging to the Swedish Pentecostal Movement, underwent a complete renovation to update its technical infrastructure to cater to small bands and touring productions. JLE Audio was tasked with providing a rider-friendly PA system that would fit within the church's architectural requirements, provide full coverage for every seat, and handle different genres of music and speech. 

The church's popularity was expanding, and it needed to have a sound system that could cater to a broad range of musical genres and meet the high expectations of artists and patrons. The church also needed a system that would fit the architectural requirements of the building, which called for flown subs. The system needed to be rider-friendly, cost-effective, and provide full coverage for every seat in the house.


JLE's Johannes Jonsson, who handled the design, installation, calibration, and tuning of the system, chose L-Acoustics' Kara II for the main system due to its lightweight and the ability to provide the coverage and sound the church was looking for. The final design comprises main left/right hangs of 12 Kara II per side, with four KS21 flown behind the Kara II per side. An A15 Wide per side caters for outfill, while the frontfill is six X8, with a further eight X8 as under-balcony fills. The entire system is driven by LA4X amplified controllers running on AVB from an L-Acoustics P1 processor and measurement platform at the front of house.

The new sound system exceeds the church's expectations, providing exceptional sound quality and coverage for every seat in the house, from speech to pop/rock music. The system's versatility and musicality impressed Johannes Jonsson, who appreciated L-Acoustics' support and assistance with the Soundvision design and proposals and its help during the demo/shootout. 

The Filadelfiakyrkan's Kara sound system is a testament to L-Acoustics' commitment to delivering high-quality, versatile, and reliable solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding applications. It has helped the church maintain its status as a cultural hub that showcases Sweden's musical talents and sophistication and a platform for the Swedish Pentecostal Movement to reach the rest of the world.



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