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Ibiza Superclub in Spain, Hï-usedful

 Ibiza Superclub in Spain, Hï-usedful

The newest addition to the resort of Playa d'en Bossa is Hi Ibiza by Ushuaia Entertainment - an ultra-modern superclub. It has two main rooms - the Theater and the Club - with dazzling light shows, music, and a club set-up that changes each night. Plus, the nightclub has three outside areas with plenty of foliage, exclusive VIP offerings like private teepee tents, and even a DJ booth in the unisex restroom. It underwent a large update from its former owner, Space Ibiza, and is now one of the most fashionable clubs in Ibiza. Music-wise, it offers residencies from some of the top acts in the electronic music world, covering EDM, trance, disco, deep house, and techno.

Romain Pissenem, show production manager and designer, declared that they should become the top club in the world. To make that happen, they would need the best DJs and the most outstanding show and sound production. Hence, he requested S-Group, the sound system provider, to build a system that would go with the international DJs and offer a brand-new level of sound to the Ibiza clubbing experience.

Maxime Menelec, S-Group's sound system design consultant, created a comprehensive audio system as part of the challenge. This system makes use of a variety of L-Acoustics products, such as K Series K2 on the dance floor, plus supplemental outfills, infills, and Kara and X Series delays.

Menelec's dance floor system consists of two main L/R flown arrays, each utilizing K2 full-range VCLS enclosures along with K1SB subwoofer. This configuration provides a broad full-range bandwidth with a reinforced low-frequency contour. KS28 subwoofers are placed to supplement the main arrays and supply extra infra-bass.

The DJs were supplied with the perfect audio setup to get the Ibiza crowd going - a powerful, subwoofer-based main system. The K2/K1SB combination created a unified sound across the low and high frequencies, providing a precise phase response and a consistent system sound. DJ's can be sure that each bass, snare and high hat will be delivered to the audience with the exact timing and clarity that one would expect from the world's premier club.




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