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L-Acoustics for State Farm Stadium

 L-Acoustics for State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium, located in Glendale, Arizona, is a world-class venue that has redefined the standards of a multi-purpose NFL facility. Completed in 2006, the stadium boasts of cutting-edge technology, innovation, and engineering that have set the bar in the stratosphere. The retractable natural grass playing surface in North America and the retractable roof operating at an incline are just a few examples of the stadium's pioneering features. State Farm Stadium is home to the NFL Arizona Cardinals, who are committed to providing fans with an experience that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Apart from the Cardinals' home games, the stadium has hosted two Super Bowls, international soccer matches, concerts, motorsports, trade shows, e-sports games, and corporate events. However, the challenge was to ensure that the fan experience was enhanced through better music playback, eliminating delays, echoes, and distortion. L-Acoustics was the only choice for James Gillespie, the Arizona Cardinals' systems engineer, but an executive sign-off was required.

To prove L-Acoustics' worth, Gillespie and the company hung two K2 arrays inside the stadium and let them "do their thing." After an enthusiastic executive sign-off, L-Acoustics had to design a system that could cover the stadium's lower bowl's front row to the top of the back row from a single point without delay speakers. Additionally, the design had to consider the stadium's structural ratings, and there was an aggressive deadline.

Despite these challenges, L-Acoustics shipped the entire order at once, delivering the full system on-site within four weeks of the official order, providing 122 K2 cabinets. The installation project was led by EVP David Shoemaker, and the result was exceptional. The voicing was outstanding, and the coverage was smooth and consistent from row to row, array to array, and all with plenty of headroom. The L-Acoustics K2 system has proved to be a significant upgrade to the stadium, and everyone has been overjoyed with the results. The success of this system has provided a great fan experience, and everyone involved is pleased to be a part of it.




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