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Sing! L-ISA Hyperreal Immersive Technology Brings Immersive Sound To China

 Sing! L-ISA Hyperreal Immersive Technology Brings Immersive Sound To China

Sing! China, a popular singing competition show and a re-branded version of The Voice for China, has recently incorporated L-ISA Hyperreal Immersive Technology to elevate the sound experience for audiences. The show follows the original format of The Voice of Holland, with contestants participating in blind auditions judged by a panel of four mentors. The winner of the competition receives a record contract.

The sound quality of the show is critical for its success, as the mentors can only hear the performances and not see the contestants. Moreover, the finale takes place in a massive stadium, making it challenging to design a sound system that can withstand the size of the venue.

To address these challenges, the show has been using a combination of L-Acoustics sound systems and DiGiCo consoles, supplied by L-Acoustics distributor Rightway Audio Consultants, for the studio shows and live finals since the first season of the show. However, in the 2019 season, the production team was driven by a desire for constant innovation and offering an exceptional audio experience, which led to the incorporation of L-ISA Hyperreal Sound technology for the studio shows' audiences.

The PA design deployed five central hangs of seven Kara, with two hangs of eight Kara positioned far left and right. For the finale held at the stadium, Rightway designed the PA system comprising the main hangs of K1 and SB28 subs, and Kara fills and X15 HiQ were used for stage monitors.

According to Rightway engineers who set up the show, WenHao Li, LangBin Zhou, and Haozhi Zhao, the L-ISA technology brought a new listening experience to the audience and the mentors. The contestants also benefitted from the incredible detail that the system brought to the stadium space. Jin Lei, the Director of Sing China, was equally impressed with the new rig.

The result was an exceptional listening experience for the audience, mentors, and contestants. The incorporation of L-ISA Hyperreal Immersive Technology has set a new benchmark for audio experiences in live shows, with Sing! China leading the way.




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